If you only have one day in Addis Ababa, our city tour and one-day excursions are the perfect choice. And if you just want to have a short getaway from the capital city of Ethiopia, you can visit our main destinations within two or three days thanks to our short tour packages.

  • Addis Ababa City Tour
  • One-day excursions from Addis Ababa
  • Short trips from Addis Ababa


The Northern Historic circuit is one of our most popular destinations. Bahir Dar, Gondar, Lalibela and Axum are certainly a must if you visit Ethiopia. And if you want to go beyond the Ethiopian history, you can not miss Harar and its colourful streets of mosques or the Tigray Region and its rock-hewn churches.

  • Northern Historic Route
  • Tigray Rock-Hewn Churches
  • Harar and Eastern Ethiopia
authentic experiences while traveling with and Ethiopian travel company


One of the Ethiopian icons is its unique tribes found mostly in the Southwest of the country. Women with clay-plates on their lips, young boys jumping a range of bulls to prove their maturity or meticulous body paintings are part of these tours where you will witness unique lifestyles.

  • Omo Valley Tribes
  • Western Ethiopia - Surma
  • Coffee Tour


If you are a trekking lover, Ethiopia will offer you the best scenario. Walking to the Erta Ale volcano at the Danakil Depression, hiking to the roof of Ethiopia, the Simien Mountains, or immerse yourself in the highlands communities of Lalibela is possible thanks to our nature and trekking tours.

  • Danakil Depression
  • Lalibela and surroundings
  • Simien Mountains National Park
  • Bale Mountains National Park
  • Bird watching
  • The Great Rift Valley


Religious traditions are an indivisible part of the Ethiopian culture. The Orthodox Church celebrates different festivals throughout the year: Christmas or Genna, the Epiphany or Timkat, Easter or Fasika and the discovery of the True Cross or Meskel are massively celebrated with soulful ceremonies.

  • Genna (Ethiopian Christmas)
  • Timkat (Ethiopian Epiphany)
  • Fasika (Ethiopian Easter)
  • Enkutatash (Ethiopian New Year)
  • Meskel (Discovery of the True Cross)
authentic experiences while traveling with and Ethiopian travel company


Our combined tours give you the chance to get the best out of the country. We are specialised in tailored-made tours for individuals or groups. Inside Ethiopia Tours always tries to adapt to our customers needs and budget.

  • Inside Ethiopia Special Tours