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Inside Ethiopia Tours cares about the local communities and the planet and therefore we are passionate about promoting the respect and protection of the indigenous cultures, the fauna and the flora. We design every itinerary in a way that won’t harm the environment and the communities that depend on it.

Inside Ethiopia Tours is working closely with chain suppliers, government authorities, clients and the local communities to foster a responsible tourism within the country. We are aware of the importance of preserving our environment and protecting our people from the harm that human impact may cause during a tour. Therefore, Inside Ethiopia Tours is committed to invest in sustainability for a better future.

Sustainable development goals

In accordance to the 2030 Agenda set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly, Inside Ethiopia Tours supports the Sustainable Development Goals and aims to improve our focus on better working practices. Based on SDGs, we have set our own sustainable goals as follows:

  1. Educate our staff members, chain suppliers, tour guides, drivers and clients on the protection of our environment
  2. Develop tours that respect the local communities and directly contributes to their income
  3. Ensure the participation of women at different levels of the tourism chain
  4. Apply recycling practices in the office and throughout our tours by reducing the paper and plastic use, encouraging the use of reusable bottles, reducing the electric usage and choosing sustainable supply sources where possible
  5. Review our sustainable policy and practices through feedback from our staff members, clients and suppliers in order to share experiences and find solutions to any issue that may arise

In order to achieve these objectives, we have created a sustainable team that will promote and monitor the development of our sustainable goals. Since sustainability is an on-going process, we will adapt our strategies and goals according to the changes in the tourism industry. Thus, we have divided our sustainability policy in 5 categories where we strive to meet the aforementioned goals:

1. Internal management and legal compliance

Inside Ethiopia Tours aims to have a transparent and responsible sustainability action plan and policy that will be shared internally with our staff members, partners and suppliers as well as externally with our customers by:

  • Providing contracts to all our staff members including the job description, responsibilities, wage rate and sick leave
  • Providing health and liability insurance as per Ethiopian laws
  • Complying with health and safety protocols and delivering training when required
  • Not discriminating on account of religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or ethnicity
  • Promoting the access to women to work in the tourism industry
  • Offering training opportunities for the staff members in order to promote their professional development
  • Creating internship opportunities
  • Working with professional, experienced and accredited guides and drivers
  • Having a written document accessible to all stakeholders including information about our company, our vision and our goals on sustainability
  • Complying with the Ethiopian legislation and protocols in terms of labour, human rights, health, safety, and environment

2. Product development

Our main objective in terms of product development is to deliver more sustainable tours in order to reduce environmental impacts and show benefits to the local communities by:

  • Approaching the local communities in a respectful way in order to involve them in the tourism industry
  • Providing the local communities with education in terms of recycling and respect for the environment
  • Making sure we use vehicles that are more fuel efficient and avoid including flights whenever possible through the route
  • Contacting local NGOs to contribute to social initiatives within the communities and help on the fair distribution of donations

3. Supply chain management

Inside Ethiopia Tours will promote the active participation in our sustainable action plan of all stakeholders and suppliers by:

  • Sharing our sustainability objectives and action plan with all stakeholders and suppliers
  • Promoting the use of local companies and organisations and avoiding international chains and suppliers to promote the internal investment
  • Encouraging our suppliers to reduce the use of plastic bottles
  • Giving priority to local accommodations with quality standards in terms of sustainability
  • Informing our customers of more sustainable options in terms of transport and accommodation

4. Cooperation with destination

Inside Ethiopia Tours will always ensure the respect of the Ethiopian historic, natural and cultural heritage by:

  • Applying the three R’s of the environment (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in the office and during our tours (e.g. reducing the use of plastic bottles or printing paper on both sides)
  • Reducing electricity consumption by switching off electric appliances when not in use
  • Informing our staff members and clients about the preservation rules of the natural environment and historic buildings during their visits
  • Maintaining our vehicles to a safe standard
  • Promoting cycling or walking tours when possible

5. Customers relations

It is our responsibility to promote sustainable practices among our customers and therefore we aim at:

  • Informing our customers about tours and initiatives that promote sustainable practices and contribute to the community welfare
  • Promoting the use of accommodations that support local communities
  • Educating our customers about Ethiopian rules and regulations to preserve the historical, natural and cultural heritage
  • Providing our customers with a satisfaction survey at the end of the tour to help us improve our services and practices

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