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Ethiopia is an incredible place to visit. It’s a rich and varied destination with stunning scenery, a culture that is vastly different to the west, and new customs, history and architecture to soak up.


Ethiopia With A Guide


Historically, Ethiopia has been a place that people have chosen to avoid because of the political situation. However, there is a new Prime Minister in the country, and this means that the landscape has changed a lot, so it is safer to visit now than it was a few years ago.

Some may still be nervous travelling abroad, especially alone – but it’s no worse than any other destination. Indeed, many women visit Ethiopia alone and have no issues. Yes, the locals will want to talk, and if you’re visiting local markets or tourist hotspots then you will get approached by people who want to sell souveniers or other items – and you’ll want to avoid getting into discussions if you don’t want to buy. Beggars can be common too, but if you are decisive and confident then you can avoid those issues.

There is no ‘dress code’ for people in Ethiopia – women can wear whatever they wish – however modesty is usually appreciated by the locals – and if you’re not used to warm climates then covering up in light fabrics could be advisable.


Why Use a Tour Company?


Working with a tour company will ensure that you have someone to take you from place to place – no need to navigate confusing areas, try to find minibus or taxi drivers, or learn the public transport system. You can enjoy exploring some incredible sights, including:

– The Entoto Church and Musem
– Menelik’s Palace
– The Shiromeda Markets
– Traditional Ethiopian Dining
– Merkato (the largest open market in Africa)

And so much more.

Tour companies let you enjoy the best attractions, filtering out the places that are hard to get to, potentially overly expensive or a waste of time. The combination of local knowledge, guides that speak the language, and economies of scale since they run so many tours will ensure that you get to enjoy the best that Ethiopia has to offer. You don’t have to limit yourself to Addis Ababa for your trip, either – you can explore further away and go on day trips to other parts of Ethiopia, visit museums, head to the Omo Valley, and take in a wider view of the country.

If you are planning on going to Ethiopia then it’s a good idea to book a tour.